The ego is a real trooper!

Mind is like a magnifying glass. It can blow things way out of proportion. And then reality sets in.. And it’s totally different from anything we had imagined. How many times is life supposed to show us, we simply don’t know what will happen?

We think happiness will remain once we find what it is we’re looking for. Never found everlasting happiness, but still! We keep on going. How many times is life supposed to show us, everything comes and goes?

We think we know what’s best for us, we try to hold on to those things. When life tears them away, we often discover something even more beautiful or profound. How many times is life supposed to show us, we don’t know what’s best?

We think there’s such a thing as free will. We do things we regret. We hurt ourselves and others, which we never intended to do. We can’t stay positive every single moment, no matter how hard we try. How many times is life supposed to show us, there is no control?

We think we need to live as long as we possibly can. There’s no one to tell us what it’s like to die. Well actually, there are many people who describe a near death experience as divine. But anyway.. Dying is bad, living is good. We know that! Do we really? What do we really know?

Ego is fighting a never ending battle with reality, and it loses. And it hurts like hell. Life will always win. What’s in your head, is imagination. It’s descriptions, assumptions, expectations, pictures and words, it’s ALL fake. Life is not to be understood, not to be pinned down, and not to be judged. Every time we try, we suffer. And lord knows we try! Oh, and for the record: you are not the ego, you are life itself. So You win, when you lose.


5 thoughts on “The ego is a real trooper!

  1. It is a big world and it is a small ego. Therefore the world always wins. However, when it is realised that the ego is just an illusion and the real you is the world you win whatever happens.

  2. “Dying is bad, living is good.” -Yes, that’s not only in the mind, that is how all life (at least on Earth) is programmed: “Stay alive whatever happens”. Very natural. In fact only the mind can help to transcend that core idea.
    And for the rest I agree totally with you. What I think about reality is that reality doesn’t give a f* about what I think of it.

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