You are love(d)

I see the beauty that you are.. You are life itself, you know. Thoughts are running the whole scene, but that is not who you are, that is not what you are. They are lies, they’re lying to you all day long. They are telling you that you’re not good enough. They are telling you that you did something wrong and that this is your punishment. They are telling you things should be different. It’s all lies! And you are so perfectly innocent in believing them.

If I could, I would punch the thoughts that haunt you in the face. I would knock them down and tell them to their face: you are liars! Leave my love alone. I would eliminate them with just one stare.

But I can’t. I don’t have that power. So this is what I will do. I will tell you now, and I will always remind you: you are not those thoughts, you have nothing to do with them, they are liars. They’re just words, language, letters.. They have no truth in them. Words never do. What you truly are, is never effected by any of them. But if you were to believe in any words, these come a little closer to the truth about you:

You are beautiful. You are worthy of every breath that has been given to you. You are life itself. You are love itself. You are pure innocence.

I love you, always..


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